About us

The company started its course in 1994, in the form of Representations and Distributions, as an “licensed distributor” of MARS Hellas (then Trofeklekt S.A.).  In the next years the brand portfolio of the company was enriched with new partners such as Henkel (1995), Johnson & Johnson (1996) and more. 

In 2016 the company switched legal form and became a Societe Anonym (S.A.). 

Zanidakis S.A. is currently house in privately owned facilities of 1.100 sqm, in a land lot of 4.200 sqm (with future expansion plans), containing 120 sqm of refrigeration / freezer facilities (with further expansion perspectives). 

Currently, the company employs 20 permanent and seasonal staff. Seven (7) sales representatives / merchandisers , three (3) truck drivers, four (4) office clerks, four (4) warehouse workers, two (2) exVan sellers. 

Its fleet consists of, 17 cars, vans & trucks. eight (8) vans & trucks , six (6) of which capable of transporting both dry and refrigerated or freezer cargo; two (2) only for dry cargo. Seven (7) cars to be used by the company’s sales representatives with three (3) of them being able to carry dry cargo. Moreover the company owns two (2) vans fully equipped for exVan sales.

In recent years, the company invested in expansion to Heraklion, setting up its base in Foinikia, in a warehouse of 1200sqm with 200sqm of refrigerator and freezer facilities. 

Company Branches

The main branch of the company, began in 1994, and undertakes the representation, sales, merchandising and distribution of products from affiliated companies to our area of responsibility

The logistics branch started in 2004. It is responsible for processing and delivering orders for third parties mostly to large customers like super market chains etc.

The imports branch of Zanidakis S.A. was founded in 2001, and since then has been steadily growing with each year. The imports branch, is responsible for finding, negotiating and procuring products to enrich the company’s product portfolio.  

our principles

Zanidakis S.A. has been operating in a increasingly demanding environment, for more than 25  years. Throughout our experience we have established a set of pillars, which create the foundations upon which we build our present and future.

1 Reliability – we are commited to offer reliable, high quality services to all our partners and clients

2 Teamwork – we believe that team spirit creates a winnig spirit. 

3 Equality – we deeply believe in equality amongst all our employees

4 Sustainability – we are doing our best to create a sustainable working environment and reduce our environmental footprint. 

5 Innovation –  we firmly believe in that technology can drive us to offer better, and more efficient services. 


January 1994

Our company was founded in 1994, in a small warehouse with just one small van and no employees. Mars Hellas (Trofeklekt S.A back then) was the first company we represented.

January 1996

Move to new warehouse. Now the company has co-operations with Johnson&Johnson, Henkel Hellas, Mars Hellas, and many other international and Greek Companies.

March 1999

Move to new warehouse and office. Now the company is located in 600sqm facilities, employs 8 people and is further expanding its brand portfolio.

February 2001

The company’s import branch is established. Its first cooperation was with HALMSTADT a cider company from Sweden, and ESTRELLA chips.

JUNE 2004

Move to new, privately owned facilities in Souda, of 1100sqm , with the capacity to store over 120 palets and 100sqm of refrigerator facilities. The company currently employs 10 people and has established cooperations with Glaxosmithkline Greece, KriKri (Greek dairy products giant) .

December 2008

The company invests in modern technology ERP and SFA, being amongst the first companies in its sector to adopt modern technologies in its day to day business.

December 2016

The company switches its form and becomes a Societe Anonym (S.A). 

January 2018

Expansion to Eastern Crete. After careful thought and planning, Zanidakis S.A. decides to expand its operations to the Eastern side of Crete, and cover the vast area of Heraklion and Lasithi. 

January 2020

Our company invests on new ERP, CRM, WMS & SFA systems. 

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