Sponsoring the First Greek MMA fighter with disabilities

We are proud to be the sponsors of the First Greek MMA athlete with disabilities. John Giannoudakis is the first MMA fighter to suffer from multiple sclerosis. A condition that appeared several years ago. However, despite the hard times he has been through, he never gave up.u00a0

We, at Zanidakis S.A., are proud to be his official sponsors and support him in his fight on and off the ring!u00a0

4move, as a brand for active people, and athletes who only want the best for their bodies, is the ideal partner for an MMA fighter, offering complete hydration and all the necessary ingredients the human body needs to revitalize after a fight in the ring.


find the whole article on Mr. Giannoudakis here:u00a0https://www.kathimerini.gr/athletics/561612283/machitis-nikise-ti-sklirynsi-kata-plakas-me-to-moyaitai-kai-to-tragoydi/u00a0u00a0


Donation to fire struck regions


The recent wildfires in Greece have left behind them a huge crisis. The fires, burning for days across many different locations in Greece, have left behind them many acres of burnt forests and properties. Many people have lost their homes and properties. 

Zanidakis S.A. as a company that regularly offers products and services for good causes, has donated 6 pallets of bottled water to be distributed across areas in need. 


Donation to the Communal Grocery of the Municipality of Chania

donation to the social grocery of the municipality of Chania

The Social Grocery operates and belongs as a Structure to the Department of Social Policy, Protection of the Disabled and Equality of the Directorate of Social Protection, Education, Sports and Culture of the Municipality of Chania, and was established by Decision No. 826/2011 of the Municipal Council of Chania.u00a0

The Structure is housed in the Center of the City of Chania in a specially designed space on Peridou Street, on the ground floor.u00a0

Zanidakis S.A., being aware of the dire consequences the COVID-19 outbreak had on people, and with a sense of social responsibility, has decided to donate 198 cartons of Long-life flavored milk, to be given to families in need.u00a0


Sponsorship of ERGOTELIS B.C.

We are proud to announce our co-operation with ERGOTELIS B.C. as a sponsor on their Stadium and jersey. 

Our company as the representative and importer of 4MOVE Isotonic Drinks and Black energy drink in Greece, has agreed to work closely with ERGOTELIS to sponsor their matches and provide the team with the necessary energy boost! 

ERGOTELIS plays in the 3rd National Basketball Division and its home stadium is LIDO in Heraklion. 

We want to wish the team all the best in its upcoming matches. It’s now their move !!


Sponsorship of 10th Summer Treasure Hunt in Heraklion

The winning team “Fteropodaroi”  after founding the treasure gladly posed for the camera with our products. 

10th HERAKLION beach treasure hunt

Life is about fun, and exploration. The 10th Heraklion Beach Treasure Hunt, is a game, filled with riddles and puzzle games. Players are required to solve a series of riddels in order to progress and reach the treasure. 

We as a company, offered products to be placed in the treasure as an offering to the winners. Our products Black Energy Drink and 4MOVE Vitamin Water were chosen.

We are happy to be able to support initiatives like the Beach Treasure Hunt and hope to be able to further support them in the future.